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What Are the Top 8 Useful Tips to Buy Moissanite Bracelets?


So, you’re looking to invest in a beautiful moissanite bracelet? Well, there is no time like the present to take the plunge! There are so many amazing benefits to investing in moissanite jewelry. Not only is moissanite more cost accessible than diamonds, but it’s also higher on the refractive index than diamonds are, meaning it has a stunning shine. If you’re considering buying a moissanite bracelet for either yourself or a loved one, here are 8 tips to making sure you’re taking the right steps for your purchase. 

1. Finding Some Reputable Stores 

The first step to buying any jewelry is to make sure you’re looking in the right place. If you’re looking for a new moissanite bracelet online, then you’ll want to make sure you check store reviews as well as their delivery policies. Do some research and find out where they source their moissanite from and check out the background of the shop. Don’t be afraid to also compare store options, particularly if you’re shopping with a budget in mind, and find a few different stores that might have some good options available. 

2. Determining Your Budget

One of the great things about moissanite is that it’s much more affordable than your classic diamond. Even spending under $1,000 can get you a beautiful moissanite stone that’s the equivalent size of a one-carat diamond. The cost of a similarly sized diamond would be around $3,000 and come nowhere near close to the same color and clarity that you would get with the moissanite. 

3. Consider the Resale Value

Another important factor to consider is the resale value of the piece you’re interested in purchasing. When it comes to moissanite, a well-constructed and beautiful moissanite bracelet can have a resale of up to 60% of its original price. The resale value of moissanite combined with the stone’s durability means that you can spend a few years with your piece and if you decide you want to make a change, you will still get a decent part of your investment back.  

4. Decide on Your Metal

If you’re looking for something extremely durable for everyday wear, then platinum settings for your moissanite bracelet will be the best option. This can be somewhat expensive, however, so opting for yellow, white, or rose gold is often a more affordable option for those shopping on a budget. When it comes to making your jewelry purchase, most people overlook the metal and its purity, however, if you are looking for not just a durable stone but a piece that will keep its beauty and shine for the long run, then it’s always important to make sure you check your metals.

5. Stone Quality

It’s always a good idea to purchase from a jeweler who can guarantee their stones. You want to avoid purchasing lower-quality moissanite that will get cloudy or change colors, so take into account the stone certification of the shops you’re looking at. Often, stones imported from outside the U.S. (such as China and elsewhere) are lacking in quality. Don’t forget to also look into the clarity of the stone and keep an eye out for any notes on inclusions (internal characteristics of the stone) as well as blemishes (external characteristics of the stone). 

6. Consider the Occasion

When you’re searching for the perfect moissanite bracelet, it’s always important to consider the occasion you’re buying for. If you’re looking for a nice piece of everyday jewelry, try something understated and delicate that can work for both a dressed-down look as well as with your office wear. If you’re looking for something a bit fancier that’s a statement piece, a few different moissanite stones that are cut in a unique shape might be a great choice for you. 

7. Narrow Down Design and Style

The most beautiful pieces of jewelry are the ones that truly match your style. So, whether you’re buying the piece for yourself or a loved one, take some time to think about what makes up your favorite pieces. What are the metals and cuts that you are normally drawn to? While purchasing a unique piece might be a good choice for a special occasion, it’s always important to get something that you know you’ll wear over and over again. If you’re buying for a loved one and want to ensure you’re getting a classic piece that they will love, don’t be afraid to take a look through their jewelry box or also ask the opinion of one of their friends. 

8. Collect All the Details

The final step before you finalize your purchase is to make sure you’ve collected all of the details and are comparing your options. Find out about shipping and guarantees on the color and clarity of your stone. Assess your options from a few different stores that you like and see what sort of benefits or certification the stones come with. When you’ve assessed all of your options in detail, go ahead and purchase your beautiful new moissanite bracelet. 

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