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Choosing The Best Moissanite Jewelry for Your Wedding Dress


There's more to a wedding dress than just the dress itself.  Jewelry can truly enhance the look of a great wedding ensemble, without distracting from the dress or your wedding ring. Better yet, when you buy moissanite rings and other jewelry, you can create a beautiful wedding ensemble for less!

However, you need to be careful when accessorizing a wedding dress. After all, you don't want your accessories to overshadow the main attraction. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

How To Choose the Best Moissanite Jewelry to Complement Your Wedding Dress

1 - Buy your dress first

Your wedding dress is going to be the star of the show, and what most people will remember. You want jewelry that will complement and enhance the dress. So, always choose your dress first, then pick out pieces of jewelry that work with it.

2 - Bring your headpiece when choosing moissanite jewelry

If you're going to wear a headpiece at your wedding, it's essential that your other jewelry complement it - especially your earrings.  If you have the headpiece for reference, it's much easier to choose pieces that will work with it to perfectly frame your face.

3 - Choose colors to match your theme

Moissanite can come in a variety of colors, as well as working well in many different types of metal as well.  If you really want to tie your wedding's "look" together, coordinate subtle bits of color in your jewelry to match the colors and theme of the wedding decorations.

Basically, your jewelry should be one of the last things you pick, once all the other design decisions have been made.

4 - Don't be afraid to be bold...

Weddings have gotten more experimental in recent years, as grooms and brides want to go beyond the traditional (and possibly stale) design tropes.  If you see an amazing piece you want to wear, go for it! You'll create pictures to be proud of for years to come.

5 - ...But don't overdo it.

Still, keep in mind that you and your dress are always going to be the stars of the show. Too much jewelry can end up being a distraction or look tacky. If you want to wear one big bold piece, everything else should be a little more subtle so that it balances out.

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