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Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Welcome to NOONI. We understand that payments are a crucial part of your experience with our products. In this payment policy, we will explain how we handle your payments and outline the important steps in the process.

1. Payment Methods

We accept payments online through credit cards. Payments are securely processed and encrypted to ensure the security of your credit card information.

2. Payment Security

We are committed to safeguarding your payment information securely and employ advanced measures to protect against unauthorized access or alteration of information. Your payments are processed securely, and we do not retain your credit card information after the transaction is completed.

3. Your Privacy

We recognize the importance of your privacy and commit not to share your payment information with third parties. We use your payment information solely for payment processing and not for any other purposes.

4. Additional Questions and Requests

If you have any further questions or specific requests related to payments, please contact us at We are here to assist and address any questions you may have.

Thank you for choosing NOONI. We hope you enjoy our service!

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