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Terms of Service Policy

Terms of Service Policy

Terms of Service Policy:

Website Usage:

The use of this website is subject to NOONI's terms of service. Users are required to read and understand these terms before using the website.

Content and User-Generated Content:

The content displayed on the site may be owned by NOONI or user-generated. Copying, duplicating, or sharing content from this site without prior permission is prohibited.

Sometimes the size of the product may slightly exceed the size indicated in the product description, for example, if it says 7 inches, it may actually be 6.8/7.2, and so on.

User-Generated Content:

Users bear full responsibility for the content they upload or share on this site. NOONI is not responsible for user-generated content and will not be held liable for any damage or error resulting from the use of user-generated content.

Legality and Privacy:

Users are responsible for ensuring that the content they upload or share on the site complies with local regulations and that they maintain their personal privacy and the questions they choose to share on the site.

Terms Subject to Change:

NOONI reserves the right to modify or update these terms at any time without prior notice.

All rights reserved by NOONI.