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Princess Cut Wedding Set: 0.56ct Brilliance in Sterling Silver

Ring Size
Size ChartSlide the table to scroll
Size Circumference(mm) Inner ring size(mm) CN/SG/JP Hong kong size UK,Europe & Australia RUS size
4 47mm 15mm size 7 size 8 none size 15
4.5 48mm 15.3mm size 8 size 9 0.5I size 15.3
5 49.3mm 15.7mm size 9 size 10 0.5J size 15.7
5.5 51mm 16.2mm size 10 size 12 L size 16.2
6 51.9mm 16.5mm size 11 size 13 0.5L size 16.5
6.5 53mm 17mm size 13 size 14 N size 17
7 54.4mm 17.3mm size 14 size 15 0.7N size 17.3
7.5 56mm 17.7mm size 15 size 17 P size 17.7
8 57mm 18.1mm size 16 size 18 0.5P size 18.1
8.5 58mm 18.5mm size 17 size 19 R size 18.5
9 59.5mm 18.9mm size 18 size 20 0.5R size 18.9
9.5 61mm 19.4mm size 19 size 21 0.5S size 19.4
10 62.1mm 19.8mm size 20 size 22 0.5T size 19.8
10.5 63mm 20.2mm size 21 size 24 0.5U size 20.2
11 64.6mm 20.6mm size 23 size 25 0.5V size 20.6
12 67.2mm 21.4mm size 24 size 27 Y size 21.4

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Ring Size

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Princess Cut Wedding Set: 0.56ct Brilliance in Sterling Silver

Princess Cut Wedding Set: 0.56ct Brilliance in Sterling Silver



Exquisite Princess Cut Moissanite Wedding Set: 0.56ct Brilliance in 925 Sterling Silver

Crafted with the finest materials, this stunning wedding set features seven princess-cut moissanite stones elegantly arranged in a bridal matching band. Each stone boasts exceptional brilliance, meticulously cut to VVS1 clarity and D color for unparalleled sparkle. 

Material: 925 Sterling Silver adorned with genuine moissanite
Main Stone: VVS1 graded Moissanite Diamond
Total Carat Weight: 0.56CT

Experience the luxury of D color clarity and excellent cut, enhancing the beauty of each stone. 

Included with your purchase is a complimentary GRA certification for stones above 0.3ct, ensuring authenticity and quality assurance. Revel in the timeless elegance of this radiant wedding set, destined to be cherished for a lifetime.